It appears you've arrived here by accident.

This is the HUEMOR testing infrastructure, "Josuke" server. This particular domain does not exist.

If you are a client, designer, project manager, or other authorized individual, we recently reorganized our testing infrastructure. As a necessary part of this process, old projects need to be migrated onto the new server. Migrations are being performed on an on-demand, as-necessary basis. If you need access to this project, please contact a developer or operations specialist and inform them that your testing environment needs to be migrated.

If you are a developer trying to set up a new server, check the server configuration in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled. It should be a symlink to the sites-available directory. If you've just added a new site, and the configuration isn't loading, reboot the server systemctl restart nginx and it should appear here.

If you are a developer trying to migrate an old project, perform the following steps:

  1. Symlink the old nginx configuration from /etc/nginx/sites-available making sure to replace any instance of /var/run/php-fcgi.sock with the appropriate version of /var/run/php/phpX.X-fpm.sock.
  2. Import or recreate database users and content from backups. A backup was made of every server before it was taken down.
  3. Update the git project for your site to allow read access to the www-data@josuke deploy key
  4. Clone the git repository driving the project into /srv
  5. Uncomment the line in /opt/deploy-hack/repositories.conf referencing this project and restart the deploy hook. systemctl restart deploy-hack
  6. Restore uploaded files (images, downloads etc) from backup.

If you've performed the above tasks, and you still aren't able to load your site, check the relevant log files for errors.

Josuke Higashikata